Be among the privilege first to enjoy Costa de Madera—a sprawling estate that is transforming into a premiere self-contained, high-value leisure community in near-perfect harmony with nature.

About the Estate

Costa de Madera is a sprawling 380-hectare landscape in barangays Laiya Ibabao and Barualte, San Juan (Batangas), shaped by coconut plantation, cliffs and pristine beach coves tucked away from the outside and facing out to a sea of rich marine life. The estate is bounded by wooded hills that lend privacy and exclusivity to the place.

Two hours away from Manila, the estate is transforming into a tourism and holiday hub for the select few who demand premier comfort at the heart of nature’s best.

The estate is owned by Costa de Madera Corporation, a holding company jointly owned by the Gualberto family and the Metro Pacific Corporation; it is being developed by Pueblo Niño Development, Inc.

Projects at Costa de Madera

Kota Keluarga

A one hundred-hectare residential and resort complex, it is the first phase in the master plan to build the Costa de Madera estate.

Klub Keluarga

The exclusive beachfront clubhouse that caters to Kota Keluarga clientele and select private events. Kota Keluarga homeowners automatically enjoy membership privileges

Parasol Beach

Laiya Ibabao’s “secret” private beach that indulges discriminating weekend beachcombers, wedding events, romantic dates or group parties with a serene environment and creature comforts. Nestled on hillsides, the accommodations offer amenities complimented by a restaurant that offers myriad Asian recipes.

In the future…

Nature camps                      Spa center
Rope courses                      Massage rooms
Hillside resort complex         Water sports facilities
Conference hall                   Outdoor sports facilities
Function rooms                   Wall climbing
Deli shop                            Fishing facility
Souvenir/dive shop               Game room
BBQ stations

The Beaches of Laiya Ibabao
and Barualte in San Juan, Batangas

Costa de Madera is the premier beach property in San Juan, a quaint coastal town south of Manila and a mere two-hour drive away. It faces Sigayan Bay, which is within the Verde Island Passages, said to host the world’s richest marine life. The bay used to be a main artery for gold-bearing Spanish galleons whose wrecks and treasures are mythically believed to be strewn thereabout. Today, the white-pristine sand of Costa de Madera attracts Manila’s well-to-do, who want to enjoy a tropical paradise vacation break from their hectic schedules. Similarly, the well-preserved forested parts of the estate are perfect getaways for nature and road trippers.